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Our History

Shiloh (New Site) Baptist Church was founded on April 16, 1946, by the late Rev. William Harris (Pastor), Brother Oliver Fitzhugh, Brother Alfonso Johnson and Sister Mary Clark (Church Secretary). The church’s cornerstone was laid in place on May 9, 1948. Rev. William Harris served for 14 years working, building and preaching to keep the church alive. After his death, the church called the Rev. A. J. Banks from Washington, D.C. to serve as Pastor. Rev. Banks served the church for years and during those years many members united with the church. Following Rev. Banks’ departure from the church, Rev. Edward Mercer was called to serve as Pastor for both Shiloh (New Site) and Shiloh (Old Site), Stafford, VA. Rev. Mercer was blessed to have other ministers to help him be able to pastor two churches. Rev. Donald Comer was one of several ministers to serve at Shiloh for many years. Deaconess Sadie Jackson served as the church clerk for 52 years, and during that time she also started Sunrise & Good Friday services and many other things. Deacon Theodore Harrison served as the Chairman of the Board of Deacons for 25 plus years. Upon his becoming Deacon Emeritus, Deacon John Collins served in this position for many years, and served as Deacon Emeritus until God called him home in 2018.

In 1996, Rev. Larry L. Swanson came to Shiloh to assist Rev. Mercer. Upon Rev. Mercer’s death in April 2004, Rev. Swanson was elected as the Pastor and was installed on August 28, 2004. Rev. Bessie Juggins was called upon to assist Pastor Swanson in 2004. As Assistant Pastor, Rev. Juggins served faithfully until her death in May 2021. In August 2014, Rev. Swanson was consecrated as a Bishop to further fulfill the call of God on his life. In March 2015, Bishop Swanson received an honorary doctorate degree from Eastern Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, VA.


Rev. Dr. Gary Carr joined Shiloh in 2019 and immediately began serving in several leadership positions. In September 2021, Dr. Carr was unanimously elected to serve as Assistant Pastor of Shiloh, and elected Pastor of Shiloh in June of 2022.


God has continued to grow Shiloh in spirit and in numbers and has enabled the church to become an emerging beacon in Stafford County and the surrounding communities.

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